Our Mission Statement…..

To provide optimum and cost-effective fire and rescue services to the residents and visitors of South Brunswick Township Fire District No. 1. This will be accomplished with the highest level of integrity, trust, commitment and teamwork.




Prior to the establishment of Fire District #1, suppression and prevention services were provided in South Brunswick by three volunteer fire departments. The three fire departments used various fund raising methods to meet their financial needs over and above the annual stipend provided to them by the Township Committee of South Brunswick Township.

As the Township’s population grew, the financial demands on the fire departments increased. In cooperation with Township officials, a capital purchase of fire apparatus was undertaken with funding from the municipality.

In 1976, two of the fire companies presented duly constituted petitions to the Township Committee to create Fire Districts #1 and #2 in South Brunswick Township. The Township Committee passed the ordinance on December 20, 1977. One year later, Fire District #3 was established, which meant that all of South Brunswick Township had fire protection provided by Fire Districts.

Establishment of Fire District #1 has enabled the duly elected Board of Fire Commissioners to fund and provide fire protection through a contract with the Kendall Park Volunteer Fire Company, with which it contracts to provide fire protection, suppression and rescue services.

Funds required to operate the fire district are derived from a real estate tax levied on property owners within the fire district. A budget is drafted and submitted to the public each year for a vote on the third Saturday in February. Assessment, collection and distribution of tax monies are performed for the fire district by the Tax Assessor, Tax Collector, and Chief Financial Officer of the Township of South Brunswick.